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Chicagoland Power of Attorney

Having the power of attorney could, in some cases, be more crucial than a will. Though you should have both to ensure the protection of your affairs and your loved ones’ futures. The power of attorney will allow you to designate an individual that you can trust to put your affairs in order if you lack the capacity to do so yourself.
The power of attorney is a legally created document that appoints an individual to make decisions on your behalf if you should become incapacitated. Knowing that you have someone to rely on if you become injured or incapacitated will let you live life with peace of mind knowing that your wishes will still be carried out.
Though there are different types of power of attorney, a health-care power of attorney lets you appoint your agent (sometimes known as the patient advocate) to make important medical decisions for you in the event you cannot communicate with your doctor. The durable power of attorney lets you designate an agent to manage your assets in case you are too sick or otherwise unable to do so yourself. There are distinct differences, let us at Gregory Easley Law, PLLC help you to understand the different types of power of attorney, whether they are financial, health related, or guardianship decisions that need to be made. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.